Nov 082018

Inbound Call Center looking to fill remote/ work at home positions. NO COLD CALLING! NO SELLING!
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Call Center handles after hour phone calls, provides messaging and message dispatch services for Doctors, Lawyers, Funeral Homes, Plumbers and other professional service companies.
Bilingual Native/Advanced English & Spanish
Reliable Power & Internet / or Inverter with Batteries
Windows PC with Microsoft Remote Desktop
Available ethernet port on home router
IP Phone or USB headset
Availability is a must. Call Center is 24×7. Dependability & Reliability are a must.
8 hour shifts, 40 hour work week
Days 7am to 3pm, Evening 3pm to 11pm
1 weekend shift per week ( Sat / Sun ) is a must.
Full Time & Part Time Available ( part time must work at least 3 days per week including 1 weekend shift )
Pay starts at $3.50 USD per hour!
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Job Description:
Processing incoming calls for various businesses throughout the United States and the world. Full training is provided. This is not a selling or outbound calling position. The clients we serve include service businesses, whose personnel are in the field and away from their business phones medical and veterinary offices that often receive emergency patient calls after normal business hours and businesses that simply do not require an in-house receptionist.
Basic Requirements:
-Natural ability to communicate efficiently and courteously
-Empathetic and personable professional demeanor
-Typing speed at least 40WPM
-**Solid command of the English/Spanish language. Literate in the spoken and written word in both languages. This is a must, if you are not 100% fluent and capable of understanding basic medical terminology please do not apply.

Be courteous, polite, neat in appearance, and possess good personal hygiene.
Be able to handle a heavy workload, while under time pressures, without sensitivity to stress.
Have an above-average interest in working with people, telephone and computer systems.
Have a pleasant voice and personality.
Have a retentive memory.
Be dependable and cooperative.
Have good spelling ability.
Have good accuracy with numbers.
Be willing to work in a team environment, as well as independently.
Be able to successfully complete company evaluations involving spelling, coding, adding, subtracting, comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary.
Be available to work scheduled hours as posted with reliability and dependability.
Have an above-average skill in reasoning with and using oral and written language.
Be able to accurately reason with information derived from simple numbers.
Have the flexibility to react quickly and appropriately to challenging situations.
Be able to work overtime, if circumstances require.
Be able to work daylight hours as well as evenings, weekends, and holidays as required.
Be able to adapt to varied work situations.

Answer incoming calls promptly, courteously, and professionally.
Process multiple phone calls simultaneously.
Maintain a pleasant, professional attitude with customers and co-workers.
Work scheduled hours as posted, with regular and reliable attendance and punctuality.
Gather new information and data that must be analyzed and handled effectively.
Take and dispatch messages for customers according to specific client instructions.
Interact with co-workers and supervisors to update customer information, as received.
Interact as a team member to provide a high quality service.
Monitor alarms and respond to alarm signals received in a timely fashion, according to instructions provided, including a double-check of all actions taken.
Perform checks for undelivered messages.
Update temporary and on call information.
Protect all equipment from food or liquid hazard according to the policy of the Company.
Maintain all equipment to the highest level of performance by following procedures for the care of, use of, and/or storage of the equipment.
Thorough documentation on all messages or incidents.
Respond to incidents or inquiries issued by supervisors or customers in a prompt and a professional manner.
As safety dictates, during a weather emergency, work the answering service equipment, possibly for extended periods, until such a crisis has ended.
Maintain a smoke free environment.

Report to work at Companys premises or other work location.
Sit at a designated workstation for extended periods of time.
Have sufficient manual dexterity to operate a keyboard at a 35-wpm (accurately) or greater speed.
Perform data input error free.
Be sufficiently mobile (standing & reaching) to access and utilize required equipment and resource material.
Have the appropriate speech skills and vocabulary necessary to converse with callers and employees.
Possess sufficient visual acuity to perform the functions of the telephone answering service through a video display terminal (VDT).
Possess sufficient hearing acuity to hear callers accurately.
Demonstrate adequate conversational and reasoning skills to interact with and interpret messages accurately from callers and clients.
Use an operators headset while at workstation.
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Preguntas Tipicas y Consejos
Pregunta #2 ¿Qué puedes decirnos sobre ti? Según “Las preguntas con trampa de una entrevista” del servicio de Juventud del sindicato UGT, esta pregunta suele ser de las primeras en la entrevista y sirve para evaluar la capacidad de respuesta del candidato. Los primeros segundos son determinantes y debes aprovecharlos para demostrar de manera convincente y precisa que eres la persona que mejor responde a las expectativas del puesto del trabajo. Tu respuesta debe ser un resumen breve de tus logros académicos y tu experiencia. Habla de tu educación, tus antecedentes laborales, tu experiencia profesional reciente y tus objetivos a futuro. Respuesta recomendada: “Terminé mis estudios de X en la Universidad X y, desde entonces, he trabajado en X con X en la que generé X haciendo X. Aunque disfruto trabajando para X, quiero expandir mis horizontes y hacer X para empresas como ésta”.
Preguntas que le puedes realizar al entrevistador
8. En el caso de conseguir el puesto, ¿a qué retos tendría que enfrentarme? Sabrás de esta forma si la empresa busca en ti alguien que solucione ciertos problemas o si simplemente buscan a alguien que se enfrente a “sí mismo” y a su evolución como trabajador de la compañía llevando un trabajo normal del día a día.